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Tutoring Services / Services de tutorat

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(Les leçons en français sont possibles ; veuillez voir notre site d’internet en français et nous contacter pour plus de détails.)

My protégés get results. That means far more than just better grades, but far greater self-esteem, and the confidence and wisdom to navigate successfully through job interviews, applications, higher education, and so on.

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Some have gone on to become heads of university departments, and still others have worked at the local pharmacy as a humble cashier, or as a mechanic, or machine operator.  Some are teachers; some went into the military, or to college, or to medical school. Others study and work abroad. Many had learning disabilities. I have helped learners from all walks of life. And I am pleased with all of them.

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Nowadays, I offer private tutoring and complete academic coaching for students from grades 7 to 12, in English (including basic literacy), sciences, mathematics, French, and music.


(“Music?” you ask. Well, I completed the Royal Conservatory grades IX and X piano, with first class honours, and the music theory requirements for the ARCT Diploma, and the entire Suzuki violin curriculum, i.e. Books 1 to 8. And if you want to learn baroque harpsichord, this too is possible…

And once upon a time, I also scored top ten in Canada in the University of Waterloo (UW) National Mathematics Competitions… and top three in Ontario in UW’s Provincial French Contest. Il était une fois…)

More recently, I have been accorded teaching & leadership awards by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), and the Faculty of Education at Laurier University. In addition, my most recent accolade was Laurier’s university-wide Award of Excellence in Teaching for 2019.

Present Areas of Concentration


  • Biology (up to and including grade 12/OAC and Advanced Placement)
  • English, Français (up to grade 12 ; et cela comprend l’immersion française)
  • Mathematics (up to grade 12)
  • Chemistry (up to grade 12)
  • Physics (up to grade 11; higher levels are referred)
  • Business (all levels)
  • Civics & World History (usually taught in conjunction with English)


  • Music Theory (rudiments to Conservatory grade 3; higher levels are referred)
  • Etiquette (dress & table protocol, written & verbal communication, etc.)

Rates: hourly, depending on solo tutoring vs group classes; please contact us.

Terms: fees payable by cash, cheque, preauthorised debit, or electronic money transfer (EMT) at each session; receipts available upon request (your fees may be partially deductible).


Tutoring is best done in small groups, of 3 to 4 students maximum. That’s the way I used to run graduate school tutorials, and still like to operate my private classes. It’s a model which has worked well since the ancient philosophers perfected it, during the Golden Age of Greece (circa 400 BC).

Learn more about my background here.

Examples of my teaching style can be found in these in-school lessons (below).

Click here (or on the photos below) to watch the videos.

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Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great

In antiquity, the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians favoured the learning model of the well-rounded sage who could teach their sons (i.e. future statesmen), and their daughters (think of Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess) something of everything, based on formal knowledge and profound life experience.

And often, the elders too can learn from the younger person…

The Wisest One in all history was young.

And nowadays, we can teach in person or by Skype.

Contact me to let me know if you want to benefit and get ahead. I’ll help you myself, or make an appropriate referral for you.

Your choice. 🙂

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Prof Ling, FRCS (Edinburgh)

Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.

– Ecclesiastes

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