The mentor who really listens

Life advice to get your life on track. Teens & other young adults need to be truly heard, not misunderstood!

About Mentorship

Life is hard. You need answers from someone who actually listens deeply.

As a teacher and a doctor, I’ve been listening to the teens and other young adults around me (since the time I was one of them) for enough years that they eventually come to me at some point for feedback, and finally, advice.

No baloney speaking!

Direct, straight advice, with useful answers. And without judgment, and without nonsense.

helperI don’t care for mind games or lies; I don’t care to hear or speak such. But I do care very much to help young people succeed, and I cannot stand to see people bullied, misunderstood, marginalised, or otherwise treated less well than every person deserves. Everyone has the right to be respected, and to have his or her self-esteem kept alive!

Never give up on yourself, and never let anyone tell you that you can’t make it!


For all of those years, I’ve studied, worked, made many fine mistakes, and learned from my own mistakes and those of others. I’ve lived in countries around the world (and travelled to many more) and dealt with people of virtually every culture, race, attitude, size, shape, orientation, socio-economic background, and educational level.

anti-prejudiceSo I know something of what it takes to make your life work in this world, and I know that everyone deserves to be listened to, and respected. Did I mention that already? 🙂

Regardless of your background, please try exploring the posted articles on this site, and hopefully you’ll come away feeling as though someone understood what you go through. And maybe you’ll even feel that I was able to give you some really useful tools to get your life on track.

reliefIn that case, my mission will have been accomplished. Drop me a line, if you ever feel like it.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy your company. 🙂

Dr Paul Ling, FRCS

And from some of my colleagues & former students…

I once again turn to you for wisdom and guidance. I am grateful for your effort, and am hopeful, knowing that I have great advice from such professionals. Thanks again!

flag USA– Dr Tony Lin, St Barnabas Hospital, New York City, specialist in private clinical practice

I would recommend you  based on our relationship alone but of note is the fact that I have seen how you talked to [my son] Jacob and I have seen the effects. So therefore I know that the people that would have your help would be lucky.

flag Canada– Dr Ramy Elsayegh, Kingston

Flexibility, patience, understanding, compassion, reliable; goes out of his way to do good work, and is himself a lifelong learner.

– Dr Tyler Zimmer, Ontario, Canada

C’était un grand plaisir de passer du temps ensembles. Tu as vraiment changé ma vie. Tu m’as donné le meilleur cadeau du tout… merci.

– S Selva-Nathan, DVM Candidate, Ontario

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Ling for nearly a decade, first as a professor, and now as a mentor as my career has progressed. His knowledge, care, and superb approach to teaching were apparent from the onset. Dr. Ling is a model example of how education should be delivered. I was particularly impressed with how well he was able to guide a student when he/she was following an incorrect train of thought, without belittling him or her, but instead empowering the students to find the solution. I am very grateful to have had the pleasure to learn from him on many matters, professionally related and otherwise.

– Dr Matt Kutalowski, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Ling is one of the most well-travelled individuals we have ever known, who is able to connect easily with people from all different stratas of any society. He mentored many younger students, both local and foreign. He also did a great deal of extra teaching at the Uni, with typical energy, for no other reason than a desire to help others to learn.


Dr. Ling’s technical skills and communication skills are second to none, as he is always able to make people feel completely accepted and comfortable, and treats everyone with equal respect. In this regard, he is exceptional among many of our colleagues, who also work with young people but often have a tendency to forget to communicate with them at an appropriate level, based on age and knowledge.

flag Aus– Dr Timothy Goh, Adelaide, Australia



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