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About My Approach

bullying-allegory_backgroundMy Philosophy

I have spent my entire life witnessing people writing other people off, without giving them a fair chance. All of you know one way in which this type of behaviour sometimes manifests itself: it’s called bullying.

underdog-quotationHaving also witnessed many wonderful people helping others, I decided it was vital to try to be this second kind of person.

During my first career in health care, I did a lot of volunteer work, completed four graduate degrees, and worked with patients in all sorts of places, from urban hospitals like Toronto’s Sick Kids, to mining towns, First Nations reserves, third world countries, and institutions for people with special needs. More recently, I completed another degree, in education.

uwo-students-apr-07I was also a clinical professor at Western University for a over a decade and a half, and have lectured all over the world.

one-bloodAnd I have worked in Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jamaica, China, New York City, and so on, and treated everyone from students, street people, “normal people”, politicians, prisoners, and middle eastern royalty. And I treated them all with equal respect and dignity, because…

…people are fundamentally the same wherever you go: they just want to be happy.

And they want to be heard, sincerely.

Maybe I can give you some of the benefit of that long experience.

Dr Paul Ling 🙂

FRCS (Edinburgh)

A few places in which I have taught and delivered invited lectures.

Private Tutoring & Coaching

mentorshipMy protégés get results. That means more than just better grades, but greater self-esteem, and a healthy degree of confidence in life. I believe firmly in the formation of a person’s whole character.

Nowadays, I still do volunteer work, and also can offer private tutoring and complete academic coaching for students from grades 7 to 12, in English (including basic literacy), sciences, mathematics, French, and music.

For more information on tutoring, please click here.

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