walk-and-read-animYou will never, ever be bored again. Once your mind begins travelling, it will never again be restricted to one place, book power_Background.jpgone time, or one way of enjoying everything in your life! You will be forever free.

When a teacher and student meet, each gives the other a bank of knowledge, and each still retains what he or she possessed to begin with; was a better bargain ever struck?

Similarly, with books (and any form of reading), no one can ever take away what you store in the vaults of your mind.

To do without knowledge, however, is to be limited in your ability to do and enjoy almost read-play_backgroundanything beyond the absolute minimum. Reading equals knowledge, and power, and education (including math, science, language and literacy) is what separated slaves and commoners from the ruling class throughout history (to learn more, click here). Awareness and information also allowed them to retain their economic and military advantages.

so-many-booksWhen I worked as a new graduate in remote regions, where the high school dropout rate ranged from about 25% to 100% (depending on which town), the phrase I kept hearing over and over, and over again, was:

“Doc, I wish I’d stayed in school!”

books-climbIf you do NOT cultivate the ability to make your own major life decisions in a well-informed way… then someone else will always have dominion over you!

reading smiley.gifReading enlarges your capability to express yourself verbally, and improves your focus, memory, and concentration. Just as exercise strengthens your body, reading sharpens your whole mind, whereas disuse will result in the mental equivalent of excess fat and rust…

Signs-Youre-Addicted-Reading.jpgEdinburgh.jpgOne of my favourite cities, throughout the world entire, is Edinburgh, which probably has more bookstores (and museums, and art galleries) per capita than any other place I can readily recall, anywhere on the planet (and relatively fewer consumer shopping malls). This intellectual presence is reflected in the culture: it has produced a society in which civility is prized, and people do more thinking than drinking. 🙂

seuss-more-readingRead more, and you’ll be far, far more likely to achieve targets of which you never even suspected you were capable.

Wouldn’t you rather have some sway over your own future?

Never stop reading; never stop learning.

Prof Ling 🙂

 Reading and knowledge gave me rewards that took me around the world… and the ride was worth the effort.