This adage applies to all of you guys, too!

Today, we address why indecision and procrastination, which are often closely related (but missed-the-boatnot exactly the same) are not a safe, cost-neutral approach. And they are NOT a “strategy”.

As in…

“I got so much procrastination done today!” 🙂

naive-hopeIt’s more amusing when you’re younger, and still fit, and you have all the time in the world… maybe.

After all, only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday, right? hmm

Procrastination kills; so do indecision and fear!

Now for the hard reality, yet again:

scared-withdrawnIndecision is generally worse, and more dangerous, than a wrong decision, a mistake, or an unsuccessful attempt. More is lost by indecision than by wrong decisions; it will steal opportunity from you, and rob you utterly. Action cures fear, whereas postponement fuels it. A perfect decision made with complete information is almost always a decision made too late.

Indecision, and the fear and lack of confidence that go with it, are major reasons why millions of people never achieve the great things of which every single person is capable, choice-exitand enjoy life less than they would have. Born millionaires, most people never realise how tragically closely they came to gathering the limitless gifts and fully realising the potential with which they were all born.

In the extreme case, indecision can destroy the will to win, or even to survive.

Which way?!

In a moment of indecision, act quickly and try to make a first move, even a small step, even if it seems unnecessary. The very motion of doing will help you to gain momentum. And even a small, seemingly pointless step is still good because it’s a safe start!

crossroadOr risk watching your own life pass by, until its end, and picturing vividly all the things you know, deep, deep down inside… things you could have regret-of-timedone, the things you know you desperately wanted. The feeling gnaws like a cancer, and only becomes stronger and worse the older you become, because you cannot switch off a human conscience.

In Arthur C. Clarke’s famous novel 2010: Odyssey Two, the Russian spaceship commander addresses the main character, Floyd, and she says “a leader is allowed sometimes to be wrong, but never indecisive.”

So take the chance! Apply for that program or job you really want to try, and call that guy (or indecisiongirl) you really want to know better (you know the one!)… many lifetime breakthroughs have been lost Man praying for the phone to ringbecause someone or everyone was scared (and then they found out, too late, that the other person was waiting, and hoping…). Everyone has a fragile part of themselves that they protect, and hide.

Imagine the person you really aspire to be. And then become that person, a little bit at a time. Just take the first small step, and the second… and the rest will follow. But first, you have to begin.

So for those who teeter on the brink, my advice is: Go! And you will happy as you approach the second half of your life.

Dr Ling 🙂