Here’s the conclusion first, to save you time: you can’t make it alone. Not completely alone, not for long. Not in this world (or any world).

Your time of need will come.

There’s an African saying: you can go fast alone, or far together.

More so in most western societies, the implied “best” approach is the individual triumphing against all comers. How realistic is it, to assume that you are completely, absolutely, 100% self-sufficient?hmm

Have you ever been sick? Or in trouble? Or broke? Or scared…?

Never be too “brave” to ask for help!

mr-t-foolsPride is not the same as strength. It is too easy to be foolish and confuse the two. Those with true strength, strength of character, know when to ask for help.

Yes, it is true that people are not always reliable all the time. Are you?

So remember to forgive people, if you too want to be forgiven, and helped. You will need each other eventually.

if-you-have-crazy-friends-you-have-everything-quote-1need_layer-1Your family is not necessarily always defined by biological ties. Think about your friends… your real friends, whom we talked about here (click and learn). You know, the ones who are always there for you when you need help. They’re also the ones who know what you’re really like… and they still like you anyway.

So be a better friend to your friends, and to your (biological) family too, and don’t confuse loyalty and affection with being too dependent, or even weak.

lead-meHave they perhaps been more loyal to you, as compared with some of those to whom you are biologically related?

Blood makes you related; loyalty makes you family.

It is far, far better to be good to those around you, and for genuine reasons, than to wait until a crisis… by which time, you would (or should) have already built a wall of friends to surround and support you.everyone-needs-help_background

They still believe in you, even if you have given up.

Sometimes, people whom you never expected to be so, will turn out to be your staunchest allies. Treasure them!

If they have truly supported you through your trials, then they are your family.

Familia patria nostra. Don’t try to go it completely alone.

Dr Ling 🙂

You will surely wear out… for the task is too heavy for you; you cannot do it alone.

Exodus 18:18