If you are an introvert (or think you might be)…

introvert-peeking_backgroundIt is a myth that people who are introverted prefer to be alone, or cannot deal with others. We just need peace, and maybe a little more quiet than most.

Many introverts are highly confident individuals, and this quality becomes more evident in the right environment.

But the world, including modern classrooms, are geared toward EXTROVERTS. Sound familiar?!

How can someone find peace in a world that moves too quickly, pushes too hard, and refuses to stop screaming all the time?!overwhelmed running away.gif

introvert-in-crowd_backgroundBy definition, extroverts (and people in between intro- and extroverts) will have no trouble finding people they enjoy being with, because they will inflict their charming personality on everyone around them.

distinction_backgroundThere’s a difference between shy and introverted; the shy person really has a hard time opening up to, and relating with, most other people. He/she has a fear of humiliation or disapproval.

But the introvert simply doesn’t want to be pushed, and is easily overwhelmed by overstimulation.

lonely-bearEither way, it’s harder for these reserved people to join up with like-minded people… hence the likelihood of isolation, and possibly loneliness.

loneliness-does-not-come-from-carl-jungHeadphones can help. So can earplugs. Or meditation. Or just closing your eyes for a while… Use any way to limit the overstimulation. Physically being away, temporarily, is occasionally vital.

An introvert is not necessarily mad, depressed, or anti-social. An introvert simply needs to avoid being overwhelmed, and sometimes needs to avoid talking to anyone for a while, or being talked to excessively.

reading-big-booksMost “normal” people want to be fed a constant stream of input, and they want to do, do, do, go, go, go all action. Introverts want to understand things, and have much of their own world inside their heads.

If you are an introvert, then make sure you have a place to retreat, physically and mentally, on a regular basis. You need this… otherwise you’ll drown.

Just remember to come back to the world occasionally and regularly, when you’re feeling readier. That’s important, too.

Dr Ling 🙂