[STRICT WARNING: This article is RESTRICTED to “kids” 18 years of age and over.]

helicopter-parents-eraHere we go again, returning to the realm of ultra-sensitive (and borderline politically incorrect) discussions that need to be had. The elephant in the room is back.

Ironically, this article is intended for those who are least likely to read it… but who need it the most.

(Those of you who know me, will know that such details have never stopped me before.)

So those of you who know someone who needs this lesson – please pass it along. Someday they’ll thank you (maybe), but I’ll thank you now!

Quiz time! :)… kids… hands-smiley

Do you book your own appointments? (Or does your mother or father… or both?)

Did you write your own cover letters? Fill out your own applications?

Who completed your homework? …HONESTLY! hmm

Hovering parent illustration

Who arranges your bills to be paid (cell phone, rent, etc.)? From Your Account… or the Bank of Mom & Dad?

How did you get to your last job interview? Bus? Walk? Mom/Dad drove you?

Did your parent(s) come to a job interview with you? Did they come into the interview with you?! shocked



Now for the answers you’ve been waiting for… but already knew.

Helicopter parents: stop swooping.helicopter-parenting-list

“Kids” 18+: you’re NO LONGER a kid. You ceased to be a kid when you became old enough to vote, or drink legally, or drive. So if you want to be treated like an adult, then behave as one.

cryingRemember what they say at Alcoholics Anonymous: the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Or you risk spending the rest of your life in DENIAL, ignoring one fact at a time.

college-departure_backgroundIf you happen to know that you have a helicopter parent (or parents), then you have already made progress; you just need to break free. Even just a little bit, at first… then some more.

It is possible, and vital.


Otherwise, your growth will be permanently stunted!

It won’t be easy. It never is. Frankly, it’s downright challenging to raise a parent properly!

overparentingBut it is equally vital to find a way, without breaking your parents’ hearts. After all, they do love you. It could be argued that it’s better to have parents who love too much than too little (even if they don’t grasp this point).

It’d just be better for everyone if they didn’t love you by smothering, instead of mothering.

That’s the end of today’s hard lesson in reality.head-spinning

Go think about it, and figure out what this all means, without asking your parents! 

Prof Ling 🙂