lifes-not-fair1Research has indicated that the current generation of young adults (teens to 30-somethings) are head-bangingfeeling the most stressed out since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Now, there’s an apt coincidence of terms…

Or maybe stress and depression are just two sides of the same coin.


How are young people supposed to make it? Job security died in the last century, along with affordable tuition fees, food, housing, and just about everything else. As for a pension, and a comfortable retirement… we should pray.

The environment is about as clean as the government (or so it often seems), and even minimum wage “McJobs” are sometimes harder to find. Young people are generally willing to work. So where are the opportunities to advance?


Where is the justice?!

help to successWho decides who gets ahead, who gets a better job, better salary, promotions, and who advances generally?

If you’re wondering whether anyone cares… and if you’re ready to receive serious ideas on how you can actually, finally, get ahead… then read on, through the following pages.

stress_layer-1This is where you will, perhaps for the first time ever, receive very straight answers from someone who’s been in the real world, and is prepared headacheto spend time showing you how to thrive in an uncertain (and often unfair, inconsistent, and unpredictable) world.

But don’t expect affirmation if you expect someone to just give you, or anyone, a gift, or a free ride, because feeling entitled is most definitely NOT a good start.


hard-work-pays-off_backgroundIf you want to get ahead, you will have to earn it, and pay for it, with hard work, and by sharpening your mental skills and judgment. Right here is where you start “paying” and I’ll teach you how to use your talents, efficiently, productively, and meaningfully.

The key is to focus your efforts on ways that actually work properly in the real world, because there is such a thing as a wasted effort.

Work smarter and harder!

And if you apply my lessons, based on decades of hard real world experience, you will get ahead someday.


Dr Ling 🙂